The culture of WPA Works LLC is to provide the highest quality products at the most effective price.  To do this, we rely on our team of skilled craftsmen to help us navigate complex customer requirements and provide the best solution.  We are also dedicated to our industry and promote the growth of our employees through on-job training and apprenticeship programs.


 Iwona Barszczuk, CEO  | (630) 557 9995

Peter Barszczuk, President | (630) 557 9995 x-103 | Cell (630) 421 0568

Alberto Pagan, VP of Sales | (630) 557 9995 x-105 | Cell (630) 432 2224

Patryk Barszczuk, VP Business Development | (630) 557 9995 | Cell (224) 688 7558

Apprenticeship Programs

It’s important to our legacy to train the next generation of skilled craftsmen. WPA Works LLC is constantly looking to train dedicated and talented future team members

Numerous studies have shown that there is a growing demand in the aerospace industry. Thanks to companies like WPA Works LLC, more businesses are seeing an improvement in their processes. As long as industrial trends remain positive, the future of aerospace will be geared towards a path where businesses can thrive and succeed.

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