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With a strong footprint in the Aerospace, Space, Defense, Medical, Biotech and Life Science industries, WPA Works LLC develops, manufactures, and aids in the development of high-precision machined components, tooling, fixtures, complex sub-assemblies and specialty machines.

What we do

As your strategic partner, WPA Works offers solutions to many of your complex manufacturing needs.  Our diverse manufacturing knowledge and strong dedication to quality creates a robust solution for a variety of business needs.



Our industry knowledge can assist you in creating a more cost effective and manufacturable product.  Our reverse engineering capability enables us to manufacture as well as improve your existing legacy products.


Our manufacturing techniques have been fine tuned in processing many materials including exotics and hard metals in a variety of conditions.  We have an outstanding record of quality and excellence in every product we manufacture.


With a strong AS9100 and ISO 9001 quality management system, our skilled Quality Assurance personnel monitor each machine to ensure that every process is controlled.  Each customer requirement is reviewed and designed into the process to ensure complete compliance.  

Why we are different

WPA Works LLC utilizes the latest manufacturing technology to offer our customers the highest quality and most cost-effective solution.  We design quality into the process, offer competitive lead times and a long lasting partnership with our customers.

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